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Helping Those in Need

In response to the impact of the Coronavirus, the iFusion Foundation is offering immediate support to help our community through the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. In collaboration with Futurelink, iFusion Foundation is offering immediate support to our community in the face of Coronavirus and its impact on us all. We will be donating desktop computers to members of our community who have been displaced from their jobs and schooling due to the pandemic, and can use them to create a positive ripple effect during this crisis. To begin our expedited donation process, please fill out a brief application, and a foundation representative will be in touch as soon as possible.

iFusionFoundation Responding to Coronavirus

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, the iFusion Foundation is committed to supporting our local community and the world. We have already provided desktop computers to over 30 families in need, and are considering other well-qualified applicants. We need donations of N-95 masks and health care worker volunteers so we can continue to provide these donations to our community, and we need your financial support to continue this crucial work. Please donate today and encourage your friends and family to support the iFusion foundation as it continues to provide technology, health, and educational resources to those in need.  




iFusionFoundation volunteers are helping essential healthcare organizations transition to the cloud. This is enabling critical needs such as telemedicine, pop up testing sites, and mobile Healthcare. Our volunteer team of IT experts are in the front lines side by side in support of this important work. If you are a healthcare organization that needs help switching to cloud computing and cloud hosted desktops, contact us today.


iFusionFoundation, with your support, was able to donate computers to over 30 local families in need. Our donations are enabling them to continue their children's educations and allow essential workers to continue their work virtually. Additionally, computers were given to recipients who are working to start COVID-19 charities, outreach, and research.