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Youth Accelerator Program 

The iFusion Youth Accelerator Program supports diverse and passionate professionals ages 18-25 across a wide range of industries who are committed to improving the world around us through innovative ideas.

Members in this program formally agree to enhance their passion for creating economic opportunity, improving socioeconomic challenges, education, and inspiring civic engagement and service by:

  • Participating in foundation meetings, volunteer opportunities, fundraising activities, and in various impactful events.

  • Committing to raising (or giving) $2,000 or more on behalf of the foundation.

  • Engaging with corporate partners and utilizing personal and professional networks to support the foundation’s mission.

  • Educating yourself and collaborating with peers to develop strategies that will leverage STEAM education to create greater ripples in the world.

  • Promote gender equality and create opportunities for young girls and women in STEAM fields.


The Annual membership is $300 for new members. The renewal fee is waived for renewing members who have met all the above requirements.


In addition to positively impacting and improving the world, participants will also benefit by:

  • Strengthening their resume with the non-profit hours they’ve served.

  • Receiving critical leadership mentoring from executive MBA program mentors/industry executives and other prominent innovation leaders.

  • Building relationships with like minded individuals.

  • Networking with various innovative leaders, CEO's, and business executives and more.

  • Gaining critical hands-on life skills.