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Computer Donation Program

iFusionFoundation, with your support, was able to donate computers to over 30 local families in need. Our donations are enabling them to continue their children's educations and allow essential workers to continue their work virtually. Additionally, computers were given to recipients who are working to start COVID-19 charities, outreach, and research.

Career Accelerator

The iFusion Foundation provides funding to support local adults seeking to enter the workforce, those changing their career to help the world, and those starting business that benefit our community.  The iFusion foundation provides these individuals with free, life changing, intensive career training.

STEAM Certification

Our STEAM Certification programs gives local students the opportunity to participate in a rigorous one of a kind six-month program that teaches them advanced STEAM concepts. Students present their final STEAM projects to the Mayor of Corona and are recognized with a certificate confirming their new skills. Students are mentored by STEAM subject experts and working professionals within STEAM fields so that they can gain mastery of these skills.

Pathway to Success

Thanks to funding from iFusion Foundation, 20 local students in the Inland Empire were given scholarships to participate in a comprehensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) enrichment program.

Ayurveda Workshop

The iFusion Foundation has sponsored an innovative and informative STEM Series on “The Science of Natural Healing.”  Every participant learned how to make small daily changes that dramatically impact their health.

The iFusionFoundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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