Engineering Robot Car



  • Learning


    Donated 200+ learning vouchers to local elementary schools for students to attend academic and STEAM related courses

  • Healthcare


    Sponsored entrepreneur doing studies on improving healthcare by blending advances and science in both eastern and western medicines to address various ailments. 

  • Career Accelerator


    Enabling individuals with potential to achieve success through hands-on training opportunities, education and mentorship. 

  • STEAM Certification


    Sponsored an advanced one-of-a-kind six month program that teaches students high level STEAM concepts. Working towards a final project recognized by the city mayor.

  • Snap the


    This program is an initiative that uses three proven components to impact the STEM opportunity gap: experiential learning with STEM inventor kits, mentorship, and expanded learning opportunities.

  • After-School

    STEAM Program

    In partnership with training affiliates we've sponsored on site after school steam educators to go visit various campuses and provide a variety of steam education workshops.

  • Creating Tech Internships 

    Enabling those with potential, access to hands-on experiences, mentorship and training. Giving the confidence needed to expand their career opportunities in  high tech industries

  • Learning Scholarships

    This programs sponsored academic coaching and tutoring for kids in need that were exceptionally bright but falling behind in the traditional school system to maximize their full potential and improve grades

The iFusionFoundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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