Inspiring Ripples of Success

Our STEAM Certification programs gives local students the opportunity to undergo an advanced and one of a kind six month program that teaches them high level STEAM concepts. Students present their final STEAM projects to the Mayor of Corona and are recognized with a certificate confirming their new skills.

Build Necessary Skill & Knowledge Foundation

To prepare for the final innovation project, students will take part in hands-on learning during the first 5 months to understand Science, Technology, and Engineering, Arts & Math concepts. Moreover, students will extensively work in groups to build collaboration and team building skills. Our inquiry-based learning approach will help them strengthen their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Learn from Our STEAM Expert Coaches

Students will work with our skilled STEAM experts/coaches throughout the program. Our coaches not only mentor students but also challenge them to find their full potential through individualized instruction and one-on-one coaching.

Solve Real Word Problems

At the end of the program, students will work on a project to solve a real world problem with the help of the STEAM coaches.  Coaches will guide students through the completion of the project.

The iFusionFoundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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